Chain lengths

Measured chain lengths, end-to-end, including powerlink/connector.  Calculated by compressing suspension to maximum travel, wrapping chain from big to big and adding two links to "tight" fit.  Verified by running through derailleur and any chain guides and checking shifting operation and derailleur angle in all gear combinations in full travel and no-travel positions.

Model and year size length in inches
 Aurum A7.2 2016 with 7 spd (10spd shortened)  XL  55"
 L  54"
 M  53"
 S 53"
 Aurum notes: Set the "B" screw to clear the derailleur body in the smallest cog and then verify that there is at least 5 mm clearance tooth-to-tooth from the pulley to largest cog.  Goal is 5 to 10 mm but clearing the frame is more important.
 Range A7.1 2016 with SRAM 1x11  XL  55"
Range A7.1 2017 with SRAM 1x11 10-42T XL 55"
L 55"
M 54"
S 54"
XS 54"
 Fluid FS 6.2
 Fluid FS 4.2
 Fluid FS 2.3+